15 DREAM : LAST DAYS – Believers’ position of peace, trust & expectancy

A DREAM : How to Position ourselves in the last days. How to approach & look at the most significant event of our lives 

VERY Important to know regarding dreams, is that it is very specific, yet, also only sharing IN PART…. We therefore focus here only on THIS dream & a partial interpretation pertaining to it.

Dated 121017

In this dream, I believe GOD wants to give us encouragement and put our minds at rest regarding the uncertainty of “the last days.” He wants to bring us to a place of hope, peace & trusting-rest in Him. He does not want us to become anxious about the time approaching before His coming. He reassures us that He is at all times with us and knows what is about to happen. He is after all the orchestrator of it all 

I saw this dream in 3 sections – CENTER, RIGHT & LEFT

  1. CENTER: We are part of a big group of Believers that are gathered at a specific place. Although everyone is very much at peace, there is a sense of expectation.  We all have been given a paper bag full of necessities – food and other things – to last for this specific ‘period’ in time. It is the day after a good friends birth day – in the beginning of the year….
  2. RIGHT: I am in a wave… swimming towards the shore of a small cosy little beach… I keep on repeating riding the waves ; enjoying it very much, although I have to negotiate my approach to the shore seeing that there are some rocks at the right & left of the beach.  As body surfing is something that I really very much enjoy in real life; this then actually does apply to something most enjoyable in my life.
  3. LEFT: The group of Believers are experiencing a change in the weather. We look at the sky and sense a very different weather pattern. The wind starts to blow heavily & we start seeing small animals… miniature male ostriches & porcupine with their feathers & quills blown in all directions by the wind!!! Also some antelope coming from the left, are running to the right of where we are facing this scene. It is as if the wind blows them in a specific direction. The scene moves from the left(spiritual.. & unknown) to the right… We are facing NORTH.


Explanation of Dream:

  1. I believe God wants to encourage us that He will provide for us in all areas of life until the Day of His coming. We will experience His guidance, protection & peace to be with us. Life…as it is… will apply. Birthdays will still matter… normal life will carry on… we need to keep on “doing life” together till the end and we are to keep each other knitted to His remnant.

2Th 1:3-4

3  We ought and indeed are obligated to give thanks always to God… because your faith is growing exceedingly and the love of every one of you each toward the others is increasing and abounds.

4   And this is a cause of our mentioning you with pride among the churches (assemblies) of God for your steadfastness (your unflinching endurance and patience) and your firm faith in the midst of all the persecutions and crushing distresses and afflictions under which you are holding up.

RIGHT : Physical LIFE as it is now – HIS GOODNESS
  1. We must focus on all the GOOD He has given us, in what and also there where He has placed us. To keep on enjoying the blessings, favor and opportunities that comes from Him. We should not allow the waves of lives’ experiences & challenges to stop us, but we should rather change our attitude, get equipped & “ ride these waves”; making the most of every opportunity & use our giftings to the glory of His name through thanksgiving & praise. WE NEED to KEEP OUR FOCUS on HIM & on what HE IS DOING. KEEP the SHORE in the eye… as we also should be wise in negotiating around the difficulties; together with His wisdom & SKILL already provided through training as He allowed the different processes in our life. DON’T allow fear to stop you from riding those waves… trust in Him & the abilities that He graced you with… 

Eph 2:7

He did this that He might clearly demonstrate through the ages to come the immeasurable (limitless, surpassing) riches of His free grace (His unmerited favor) in [His] kindness and goodness of heart toward us in Christ Jesus.

Hos 10:12

Sow for yourselves righteousness; Reap in mercy; Break up your fallow ground, For it is time to seek the LORD, Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.

Rev 19:6  After that I heard what sounded like the shout of a vast throng, like the boom of many pounding waves, and like the roar of terrific and mighty peals of thunder, exclaiming, Hallelujah (praise the Lord)! For now the Lord our God the Omnipotent (the All-Ruler) reigns! 


LEFT : Spiritual – our weaker side… the unknown – EXPECTANCY
  1. YES… we will sense something… the heavens & the earth knows the voice of the Creator… Nature cries out & will respond to His presence… Although the Word says that He will come as a thief in the night… the Word also says that His sheep knows His voice… & will recognize His presence… The “adult” ostriches tells me that the time will be full… nature will be at its end… desperate for its renewal as the new heaven & earth come down

Rev 19:17

Then I saw a single angel stationed in the sun’s light, and with a mighty voice he shouted to all the birds that fly across the sky, Come, gather yourselves together for the great supper of God…

Rev 22:10  And he [further] told me, Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book and make no secret of them, for the time when things are brought to a crisis and the period of their fulfillment is near.

Rev 22:6  … And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent His messenger (angel) to make known and exhibit to His servants what must soon come to pass. 

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