About Us

With this Blog I will attempt to create a Spirit led KAIROS-moment space for ABBA Father to lead us through the council of the Holy Spirit in revelation, insight & by His wisdom to administer His Will & Words in the NOW for His Kingdom purposes through our lives.

SCRIPTURE, PRAYER points, PROPHETIC flow in writings & different forms of authentic God-inspired WORSHIP will all be part of this tapestry of human spirit fusing with God-Spirit DIRECTIVES.

I will be aspiring to accurately display a just revelation FLOWING from a living relationship with Him… “In His Presence”

In Christ’s own words: “My testimony is true and reliable and valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going…”John 8v14

Aspiring to follow in the footsteps of Christ.. His will becoming our Pathways(Ps85:6-13) Being able to say….

“I know Him because I come from His very presence… I am not self-appointed; but He sent Me.”

Jh7v29,8v42 paraprased